Function Modules in OM Module

To fetch the manager's position. Say, for Org unit 10010027, it has the three reporting(lower-B002) org units 10010028, 10010029 and 10010030. This FM fetches the manager of org unit 10010027 as the manager of the rest three as well. Though if I use the F/M '
HRCM_ORGUNIT_MANAGER_GET', the manager is fetched only for the top org unit 10010027 and no manager for the lower org units which don't have a leading position of their own.

To get manager for a given Org unit.

To maintain relationship in OM module e.g to asign the employee to a new position.

gets list of org units managed by user.



Always use this F/M to determine whether a position is vacant.

(Source of this info : F1 on T77S0 – Switch PPVAC-PPVAC Switch for defining a vacancy)



inserts multiple records for OM objects into PP databases.(FCODE, VTASK)



inserts multiple records for OM objects from PP databases.(VTASK)

(the individual parameter values VTASK – update type have the following meanings :’D’ – Update in dialog; ‘S’ – Synchronous update via update task; ‘V’ – Asynchronous update via update task; ‘B’ – update internal in buffer only and no DB update.)

In HR applications, the parameter is set to 'D' for update in dialog. However, if you want an internal buffer update first of multiple operations that are logically connected and should be written to the daabase together, you should set the parameter to 'B' for internal buffer update only. The database update is then carried out by calling FM 'RH_UPDATE_DATABASE'.

updates the Personnel Planning databases with Insert, Change, and Delete operations for infotype records carried out internally in the buffer with the function modules 'RH_INSERT_INFTY', 'RH_UPDATE_INFTY' and 'RH_DELETE_INFTY' (that is, with VTASK = 'B').

to delimit an OM infotype
for a given object / Evn path, returns a table with OTYPE & OBJID.
displays a pop-up with Org Hierarchy to choose Org Units from in a ranges table.
implements the standard value help for Personnel Planning objects.The module first attempts to display the value help type (search function, structure search, standard matchcode and unrelated objects) that was last selected for this object type. If nothing was selected, a dialog box is displayed in which you can
select the type of value help you require. (AT SELECTION-SCREEN ON VALUE-REQUEST FOR postn-low.) Structure DYNPREAD holds fields of the current screen with values (from PP01).
returns the text and validity of an object. To read more than one object, we recommend that you use RH_READ_OBJECT_SET, which allows mass access.
creates an OM object.

Read Infotype > 1001 for Object Set. It returns the associated infotype records for a set quantity of OM objects to a predefined infotype. Infotypes '1000' and '1001' are not supported as they are single infotypes.


to read relationships between objects from Relationship table HRP1001.


A not released function module from Function group RHAC, checks the basic authorizations in OM.


validates structural authorization from tables T77UA and T77PR.


from Function group RH_STRUCTURE_GET, for getting organization hierarchy.
to read the attribute value of an OM Object, say Org unit (is it Sales Office?). Can check the use of this FM in standard report RHGENERATE_ATTRIB_INDEX or an example program.
to get the active Plan Version in OM. Check usage in standard report RHGENERATE_ATTRIB_INDEX.